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What is the difference between regular bug screen and solar screen?

  1. Bug Screen:

  • Designed to keep insects, such as mosquitoes and flies, out of a building.

  • Typically made of fine mesh or fiberglass material.

  • Allows airflow and natural light to pass through with minimal obstruction.

  • Provides basic protection against dust and debris but is not effective at blocking heat or UV rays.

  • Primarily used for insect control and ventilation.

  1. Solar Screen:

  • Designed to block sunlight, heat, and UV rays from entering a building.

  • Usually made of specialized, reflective materials that reduce solar heat gain.

  • Offers energy efficiency by reducing the need for air conditioning and cooling, which can lower utility costs.

  • Provides some level of daytime privacy by limiting the view into the building from the outside.

  • While it can keep out insects, its primary function is to control solar heat and glare.

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